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Technic Launcher

By download The Technic Launcher you will  be able to play your favorite modpacks thanks to he’s large collection thousands of modpacks …

Changelog :

  • All new design. We reworked the launcher from the ground up to be more intuitive and user friendly!
  • Install modpacks directly in the launcher! You can still copy URLs to share your modpacks but users can also install modpacks just by searching for it direclty in the launcher!
  • News directly in the launcher with notifications when we have posted something new!
  • Discover the top modpacks and updates on the new Discover page.


1- download file into your computer

DOWNLOAD Technic Launcher

ATLauncher Windows

Download Technic Launcher 4.0  for Windows 64bit.
Download Technic Launcher 4.0 forWindows 32 bit.

ATLauncher Linux

Download Technic Launcher 4.0  for Linux.

ATLauncher Mac

Download Technic Launcher 4.0  for Mac.

2-enter any nickname and password and login .

3-chose your mod pack ….

4- enjoy :)

Ps: don’t forget to use “chmod+x app” before you run linux , mac app .