Cracked ATLauncher








Changelog : - Fix issue with custom java paths not being recognized - Change console logging back to what it was to prevent slowdowns - Now launcher have own sub-directory "ATLauncher" , you may move files manually if you already installed (only folders leave binary ). - Fix launcher instance select (some times chose only last installed instance/server) . - Optimize some parts of launcher codes . - Minor bugs fix . - Fix launcher not closing after an instance is launched when logging is disabled - Fix launcher being able to be used after a failed update - Install packs using JSON rather than XML for better everything - Fix issue with failing to read in saved passwords (such as switching between computers) - Fix issues with old Java paths causing issues launching packs - Some changes to logging to the console to keep things in order under large loads - Add a way for semi public packs to auto add their codes to users launcher - Add the remove pack button back in for semi public packs - Create share codes server side - Add in auto pack installing (as well as share code installing) on launch if asked to do so




0 - Upload your skin to our server from here Click here .
1- download file into your computer





ATLauncher Windows


DownloadATLauncher  for Windows 64bit.
DownloadATLauncher forWindows 32 bit.

ATLauncher Linux

Download ATLauncher  for Linux.

ATLauncher Mac

Download ATLauncher  for Mac.
2-enter any nickname (to use your skin use the username your register with it ).3-chose your mod pack ….4- enjoy :)


Ps: don’t forget to use “chmod+x app” before you run linux , mac app .