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Changelog : - Fix memory/ram initial setting not being able to be the same as the maximum setting - Change to NodeCDN download servers - Change branding to NodeCraft (See News tab for the announcement) - Change icons to be Mojang compliant - Get active file servers when booting up the launcher - Fix issue with Twitch integration being broken when refreshing access token - Fix experimental JSON support - Add in command line option to skip tray integration (--skip-tray-integration) - Change network checker tool to not be provider reliant - Force initial memory to be lower than the maximum ram setting - Only use Mojang default java arguments when there is no custom java arguments set by the user - Remove _JAVA_OPTIONS environment variables when launching Minecraft - Increase height of the launcher by a little bit




0 - Upload your skin to our server from here Click here .
1- download file into your computer





ATLauncher Windows


DownloadATLauncher  for Windows 64bit.
DownloadATLauncher forWindows 32 bit.

ATLauncher Linux

Download ATLauncher  for Linux.

ATLauncher Mac

Download ATLauncher  for Mac.
2-enter any nickname (to use your skin use the username your register with it ). 3-chose your mod pack …. 4- enjoy :)


Ps: don’t forget to use “chmod+x app” before you run linux , mac app .