Phoenix Launcher beta 1.1.4 Now We support Offline Skin up to 1.7.10 :D



I am Glad to announce , That after a hard work i can release  new version of phoenix Launcher aKa PHLauncher , With new Main feature allow you to play With your skin in offline mod and up to 1.7.10 .

Have own 1.7.10 version With Optifine HD U A4 with feature to upload your Skin and many other features Coming soon.

Have own Folder named “phlauncher ” Find it under your user Folder .

Leave you with screenshoots and download .












1.1.4 - New features add offline Skin support up to 1.7.10 . - New features now you can backup yiur worlds or mods (Forge mods ). - Use own Folder Phlauncher not ( .minecraft ) - And Have Surprise for you :D - Fix Minor Bugs .



 How To : 1 - Prepare your skin . 2 - Click here and upload your skin . 3 - Download PHLauncher . 4 - Enjoy !




  Download PHLauncher 1.1.4 for Windows 32 bit.
 Download PHLauncher 1.1.4 for Windows 64 bit.
 Download PHLauncher 1.1.4 for Linux.


     Download PHLauncher 1.1.4 for Mac.


If you wan to know more about PHLauncher and how to use it Click me .

 This is still in beta release so Maybe some issue will popup just let me know here.



PHLauncher come with Built in modified 1.7.10 minecraft version and Optifine HD Ultra A4 and have other Featurs .