Cracked ATLauncher Common bug Fixed and new Modification






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Changelog - Change mouse icon to hand icon when hovering over instances image to indicate it's clickable - Add in initial memory/ram setting for controlling the -Xms command line argument when launching Minecraft - Add in warning icon - Add warning to memory settings when user is on a 32 bit system - Add New Zealand - Auckland server - Add the ability to change an instances image. Simply right click it and select 'Change Image' - Add in warning messages when mods are selected with a warning message attached to them - Removed logging of time played and installs for dev packs (which would error out anyway) - Fix misconfigured themes causing console stalls - Fix Account tab to now display 'Accounts' rather than 'Account' - Fix issue when libraries didn't contain a - causing the install process to cancel - Fix skins not updating in the launcher due to new format by Mojang - Fix uuid not being passed to Minecraft when offline - Fix relocalization in the settings so it properly relocalizes when language is changed - Fix issue installing packs with overwritten libraries - Fix Toaster notifications not working on systems where translucent windows are not available - Don't load all Minecraft versions when launcher is started, only load them as necessary - Show edit mods button even when mods haven't been installed - Remove playing api call - Use AccessToken to refresh a users login details rather than logging in every time - Fix mods not showing as optional when installing server with JSON - Don't overwrite libraries packs use when installing on client in the case of the pack needing a newer library



0 – Upload your skin to our server from here Click here .

1- download file into your computer





ATLauncher Windows


DownloadATLauncher  for Windows 64bit.
DownloadATLauncher forWindows 32 bit.

ATLauncher Linux

Download ATLauncher  for Linux.

ATLauncher Mac

Download ATLauncher  for Mac.


2-enter any nickname (if you like to use your skin use the same username )  and password no need to it and login .

3-chose your mod pack ….

4- enjoy :)


Ps: don’t forget to use “chmod+x app” before you run linux , mac app .