Phoenix Launcher beta 1.1.3








1.1.3 - New Looking UI Hope you like it :3 . - New Logging system . - Add console to show more detailed logs better then the old one. - Add Support to minecraft forge 1.7.2 full and 1.7.10 . - Don't need to restart launcher when install minecraft forge or other mods . - Optimized some original code parts And recreate some others . - Fix Minor Bugs .


  Download PHLauncher 1.1.3 forWindows 32 bit.
 Download PHLauncher 1.1.3 forWindows 64 bit.
  Download PHLauncher 1.1.3 forLinux.


      Download PHLauncher 1.1.3 for Mac.


If you wan to know more about PHLauncher and how to use it Click me .

 This is still in beta release so Maybe some issue will popup just let me know here.