Cracked ATLauncher

About Cracked ATLauncher

The new version of the ATLauncher add new version of the sky factory modpack fix mods not showing as optional when installing server with JSON ,fix issue installing packs with overwritten libraries and many other generals improvements check changelog for more details






Changelog Cracked ATLauncher
– Fix issue installing packs with overwritten libraries
– Fix Toaster notifications not working on systems where translucent windows are not available
– Don’t load all Minecraft versions when launcher is started, only load them as necessary
– Show edit mods button even when mods haven’t been installed
– Remove playing api call
– Use AccessToken to refresh a users login details rather than logging in every time
– Don’t overwrite libraries packs use when installing on client in the case of the pack needing a newer library



1- download file into your computer





ATLauncher Windows


DownloadATLauncher for Windows 64bit.
DownloadATLauncher forWindows 32 bit.

ATLauncher Linux

Download ATLauncher for Linux.

ATLauncher Mac

Download ATLauncher for Mac.


2-enter any nickname and password and login .

3-chose your mod pack ….

4- enjoy :)


Ps: don’t forget to use “chmod+x app” before you run linux , mac app .