Rubix Hacked Client for Minecraft 1.7.4



The Rubix hacked client, has lots of great features like fly, x-ray, speed, no fall and stuff like that.










This cheat works in multiplayer online servers. Be careful, you risk getting banned from servers.

Use at own risk!


How to use Rubix:

Either press up arrow to open menu, or use the keybinds.

How to install Rubix for Minecraft:

  • Download and extract the zip file.
  • Close Minecraft (if open).
  • Navigate to the “%appdata%/.minecraft/versions” folder.
  • Move the “Rubix [version]” folder to your versions folder. The Rubix folder should contain a jar and a json file.
  • Start the Minecraft launcher.
  • Click “New Profile”, set the “Use verison:” to “release Rubix [version]“.
  • Click “Save Profile”.
  • Choose the newly created profile and start playing!