Nodus Hacked Client Minecraft 1.7.2 , 1.6.4 , 1.6.2 OptiFine


Nodus is one of the best known hacked clients for Minecraft. In this version, the code has been updated to work for the latest version of Minecraft.

It adds lots of features to Minecraft, for example fly hack, auto mine, wallhack, aimbot and lots of other features. Most of the features also works in multiplayer on Minecraft servers, but it is advised to use hacks with caution. Use at own risk !


How to use Nodus

U = Console

How to install Nodus hacked client for Minecraft

Always read the included readme/install instructions. Otherwise use this method to install:

  • Download and extract the zip file.
  • Navigate to “%appdata%/.minecraft/versions” folder.
  • Move the “Nodus” folder to your versions folder. The Nodus folder should contain Nodus.jar and Nodus.json.
  • Start the Minecraft launcher.
  • Click “New Profile” and use the following settings:
  • Profile name: Nodus
  • Use verison: release Nodus
  • Click “Save Profile”.
  • Choose the newly created profile and start playing!
  • It will tell you that there is a new update, just ignore this message as this is the most recent.


Download Nodus for Minecraft 1.7.2