Feed The Beast Cracked Launcher 1.3.14




ChangeLog :


* Fixed issue switching between some modpacks without restarting the launcher * Fixed: issue with legacy jarmods not getting loaded correctly * Fixed: issue with locales not loading for some users
 * Fixed issue launching under windows xp * Fixed issue for users with malfuntioning proxies * Changed: all Minecraft launching now runs through newer launch code -- older versions now use custom wrapper to handle the launch animation (should fix numerous issues launching pre 1.6.x packs)
 * fix issue causing additional directories to get scanned for mods in legacy Minecraft versions
 * Fix for authentication crashes for some users * Fix for some users having crashes when loading pre 1.6.4 modpacks





1- download file into your computer



2-enter any nickname and password and login .

3-chose your mod pack ….

4- enjoy :)