BlackCraft MC Launcher 2.3 ( 1.7.2 )

Zoom in (real dimensions: 986 x 638)Image
Zoom in (real dimensions: 991 x 639)Image

Zoom in (real dimensions: 873 x 520)Image

Zoom in (real dimensions: 865 x 591)  

How to use it :

1- Start ” BP Launcher.exe”.

3- Press “OFFLINE SKINS!” to use costume skins and cloak.

4- enter your username and press “submit”.

5- direct from the launcher Switch to “Skin Upload” tab and upload your skin and cloak or u can navigate to and do the same thing and go to step 9.

6- If u wan to try demo minecraft (demo world) leave it username empty and press “submit” next screen just enter any “username” and press “Log In”.

7- If you wan to play with your premium account follow demo steps but enter your premium “username” and “password” press “Log In”.

8- For 3 types wait complete Download or update .

9- Press “play ” .

– Enjoy and don’t forget to share it with ur friends  .